Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beer Review: Saranac Irish Stout

F.X. Matt Brewing Company Saranac Irish Stout

This is one of the newest Saranac released contained in the "What Ale's You?" mixed 12 packs. St. Patrick's day may now be a year away but Irish ales can and should be enjoyed year round. At least in the spring time. I think Irish stouts tend to be more dry than the traditional English Stouts but I am not certain about this. The aroma on this beer is pure roasted barley. Deep and dark. I also love the appearance, extremely dark in color and the head has that awesome tan color that comes with truly dark beers.

This is a big beer. Just fills my mouth up and really gives me that satisfying feeling that can only come from a beer that lacks nothing in flavor. This tastes like thick and delicious coffee. Similar to a Guinness but much better in my opinion. The lack of the nitrogen results in a slightly less smooth mouthfeel but it brings out a certain sweetness in the roasted barley. This is a very solid beer.

This would easily be one of my "go to" picks for an American made stout. I think even the Irish would have a hard time beating this take on one of their top export beers. This is big enough to really hit a couple flavor notes but drinkable enough that I could certainly have quite a few. I am hard pressed to find flaws in this.

Final Score: 88% (Deep, Dark, and Drinkable. A Credit to America.)