Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beer Review: Samuel Adams Summer Ale

The Boston Beer Company Samuel Adams Summer Ale

I can't believe I never reviewed this beer. I think this is such a ubiquitous beer that I always assumed I had reviewed this long ago. Time to right that wrong today. The summer ale pours a slightly hazy golden color with a foamy white head. Aroma is mostly wheat malt.

I don't know if the recipe has changed this year or if my tasting has improved but I get a lot more of the lemon peel than I have ever noticed in the past. I am a fan of this. The sweet and spicy wheat malt hits you up front followed by the tart lemon and the spicy grains of paradise. I don't get much in the hop department besides the basic balancing of the sweet malt.

This is a very well balanced easy drinking summer beer. The wheat malt pairs very well with the tart lemon and spices. I don't miss the hops with this one and if I have one criticism of this beer it would be that it is filtered. I am an advocate of unfiltered beer and I feel like this is a prime candidate for suspended yeast. It could only add more depth. If you have never had this beer, you need to try it. I don't know how someone could avoid this classic summer drink.

Final Score: 80% (A Solid "Go-To" Summer Beer)