Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beer Review: Anchor Summer Beer

Anchor Brewing Company Anchor Summer Beer

This is a classic beer. Although this is my first time trying it, this is the first American wheat beer brewed in modern times. Thank you Fritz Maytag for getting the ball rolling. This wheat beer pours a clear golden color with a very fluffy white laced head. A ton of wheat in the aroma.

The flavor is spicy and smooth at the same time, most likely due to the large percentage (over 50) of wheat malt used. What sets this apart from other wheat beers is the lack of noticeable citrus, banana, or clove flavors. You get wheat, some hop flavors, and a tiny bit of barley malt. Nothing too exotic by today's craft standards.

If there ever was a sessionable wheat beer this would be it. Exactly as a summer beer should be. This definitely has nowhere near the depth of an Imperial Stout but this really hits the spot on a hot day. More than enough character to keep thing interesting. If you are in the mood for a very clean and refreshing wheat beer this is a great choice.

Final Score: 80% (Refreshing, Spicy, and Smooth. Very Enjoyable.)

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