Monday, October 15, 2007

Beer Review: Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat Ale

A new day, a new post. Just got done with an extremely long day complete with the glamorous Jersey traffic. I need something smooth to unwind. I picked up a bottle of the readily available Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat ale and took in the patriotic aura. Brewer. Patriot. Words like that make a man feel good about his decisions and happen to be all over the bottle like nationalist methamphetamine. Who wouldn't want to be a countryman who loves to have a good time? I do, and Jim Koch seems know this as well. I try not to be swayed by the clever marketing but as I am a human drunk I can make no promises.

It poured into a nice smooth head which was slightly tan in color. The aroma smelled strongly of cherries as I would have expected (a nice touch). The bottle claims they are Michigan cherries but who can honestly tell? To me a cherry is a fucking cherry. No exceptions. The first sip is interesting, it took me some getting used to. Overall I really like it, it has a slight cherry flavor with a nice light beer taste dominating. Very refreshing and good in almost any occasion I could imagine. I think this is a very different style of beer of which I have had very few beers to which I could compare it to. The only downside of this beer is the lack of any really strong/deep flavors. It is a bit shallow but the bottom line is if you like a subtle fruit flavor in your beer I highly recommend this choice.

FINAL SCORE: 75% (Not Revolutionary But Definitely Worth A Try)

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