Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beer Review: Blue Moon Harvest Moon

Blue Moon Brewing Company Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale

Fall seasonals are by far my favorite. These months just don't last long enough. While Blue Moon may be owned by Molson-Coors they produce some decent craft beers and I have yet to try this creation. I have to first give them credit for very cool bottle art. It may not be very important in the grand scheme but I believe everything is part of the whole. I am very fickle about pumpkin ales. I love drinking them in the fall but if they have too much spice I quickly get disgusted. Sessioning with these can be very difficult. It is a very fine line to walk. The Harvest Moon pours a medium amber color with a sizable head that lingers for the duration of the glass. Very faint malty aroma though I do have a cold so you probably shouldn't go by my nose at the moment.

Now for the first taste. Very surprising. This is exceptionally balanced with the rich malt flavor and the delicate spicing. This may be the session pumpkin ale I have been looking for. The spicing is noticeable and delicious but will definitely not cause my tongue to recoil. The pumpkin flavor is actually pronounced in this where as other pumpkin ales tend to overpower this flavor with malt or allspice.

This is a superb example of what this American original fall seasonal should be. Very mouthwatering. Just because it is owned by one of the big boys doesn't mean you should dismiss it. The beer world would do well to keep an open mind. The Blue Moon people hit all the marks with this one.

Final Score: 90% (Solid, Balanced, and Delicious. A Masterful Pumpkin Ale.)

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