Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beer Review: Saranac Black Lager

F.X. Matt Brewing Company Saranac Black Lager

My first review from the new 12 Beers of Winter from Saranac. I always love Black Lagers. This iconic Bavarian style is always rich in flavor yet immensely drinkable. A fantastic choice for winter sessioning. I hope this lives up to my high expectations. The lager pours a very dark amber color, not quite black but damn close. Aroma is loaded with chocolate.

First taste impressions.... very drinkable. Smooth with a very rich mouthfeel. Slightly malty flavors high you first with a very creamy carbonation feel following. I also taste a very large hop bite. This is somewhat similar to last years India Brown Ale, just tweaked slightly off to the malty side. Roasted caramel flavors are floating around but you really have to do some digging.

This is an enjoyable beer despite it not quite tasting like a traditional black lager. This definitely tastes more like a brown ale brewed with lager yeast. I expected a little more depth but this is by no means a bad beer.

Final Score: 71% (Lackluster and Light on Flavor. Needs More Roasted Malt.)

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