Monday, February 1, 2010

Beer Review: Flying Dog Raging Bitch

Flying Dog Brewing Company Raging Bitch Belgian Style India Pale Ale

This is an exciting offering. Not too often that you find this style. I hope it becomes more common. The name is awesome and is perfectly complimented by resident artist Ralph Steadman's badass bottle art. Who doesn't like a little gonzo art with their beer? The bitch pours out a medium amber color with loads of lacing around the glass. Aroma is nothing but hops and Belgian spicy yeast. Very inviting. At 8.3% ABV this beer is no joke.

The flavor is excellent. Exactly as I had hoped. Alternates between a very bitter aggressive hop profile and what tastes like a Belgian Dubble. The hops do seem to dominate the beer but that is how it should be. A raging bitch needs to be a bitch to your tongue. Seems appropriate to me. The Belgian side of this ale is very sweet, spicy, and alcoholic. There is just a lot going on here. Very complex.

When I am craving a Belgian ale and do not want to sacrifice hoppy goodness this is the perfect beer. I don't taste a single cut corner. This is a big beer done right and at a great price. $8.39 a six pack is very reasonable for a beer of this caliber. I am not sure what the availability of this brew is but I encourage everyone to get this before it is gone. I can't even find a real flaw. I declare this case worthy.

Final Score: 95% (This Bitch Is Raging. Not for the timid.)

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