Monday, February 8, 2010

Beer Review: River Horse Lager

River Horse Brewing Company River Horse Lager

The flagship beer of South Jersey's great River Horse Brewery. I am definitely a fan of this company. I have heard they have been often criticized for having uninteresting and mediocre beers but I must have missed that time. Every beer I have had from them has been loaded with flavor and the rotating "Brewer's Reserve" line has been filled with big, memorable beers. The lager pours a cloudy golden color with a moderately sized head. Aroma is pure malt.

The flavor is striking. Touted as an "ungespundet hefetrub", this lager is deep. I had to do some googling on this term because I have never encountered it before. I think it means unfiltered and matured out in the open, rather than sealed off. If someone knows, feel free to let me know. The malt flavor on this beer is amazing. Large grain flavors and aromas rise out of the golden clouds and dominate this beer. Some bitterness is provided by a gentle hopping but nothing too noticeable.

Don't fall into the trap of assuming that just because it is called a lager that it is boring. I have been guilty of this more than once. This is a deep beer that should be respected. Much more than a filler for a variety pack. I could definitely see myself getting a six pack of this now and then. Very drinkable.

Final Score: 86% (Complex, Unique, and Drinkable. A Great Choice.)

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