Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beer Review: Saranac Lake Effect Lager

Matt Brewing Company Saranac Lake Effect Lager

Finally sitting down to write a review. Been too long but now that my wedding is over it needs to happen. I've written far too much to let this blog die. Feels good. I figure a good place to start is with one of my favorite breweries that happens to continually come up with new offerings. I love that they switch things up. The same beers year after year get very old, it makes it even better when one of you favorites makes an appearance (Bring Back the High Peaks Series!). The lake effect lager replaces the winter lager of last year. The lager pours a rich amber color with a brief fluffy white head. Smells of German goodness and some sweet malt.

The first thing that hits me about the flavor of this beer is the big malt presence. Very sweet and biscuty with a slight hint of roasting. Hops are also in effect here, the Hallertau hops add a pleasant spiciness that really balances this beer out. I would say this is similar to other bocks you may have had, just more balanced and drinkable. Somehow goes down easy. Could be that I just really like beer though.

The Matt Brewing Company seems to specialize in German style beers, probably due to their German heritage. This beer tastes truly German, all the lager yeast and malt flavor you would be looking for. Just without the import price. This makes a solid addition to this years "12 Beers of Winter" mix pack and a slight improvement on last year's Winter Lager.

Final Score: 86% (Big and Warming but Drinkable)

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looks/sounds good.