Monday, January 3, 2011

Beer Review: Three Philosopher's Ale

Ommegang Brewery Three Philosophers Ale

This was part of a very nice Christmas gift pack I received. I am a big fan of the Ommegang brewery. This brewery is one of the best example of how America really is the greatest beer nation on the planet. American brewers continue to show that no style is impossible to master and that experimentation is the key to great beers. Where other countries are rigid in their views, we Americans understand that they bottom line is quality beer. This beer is a blend of 98% ale and 2% kriek (cherry lambic) according to the bottle. The 3P pours a dark mahogany color and has a dark tan head that really sticks around. The aroma comes across as that estery Belgian fruity yeast flavor that just seems to flow up the glass and dominates all other scents in the area.

This beer has some deep flavor. How they came upon the formula of 2% k and 98% ale I don't know but I wish I could have been in on that study. The Belgian ale alone is deep and effervescent but if you throw in a little bit of sour cherry lambic flavor you know you are going to be in beer paradise. The 10+% alcohol doesn't hurt either. The lightly roasted malt flavor keeps on coming and the slight fruity flavor really packs a punch. This isn't a hoppy beer but you really don't need a strong hop presence. The yeast and malt provide plenty of punch.

If you haven't had a Belgian style beer before stop reading this and pick one up. You are missing out on a great segment of the beer community. If you have and you enjoy any one of them do yourself a favor and support America by buying a beer from Ommegang. I would be surprised if any one of them disappointed. This is one to try.

Final Score: 96% (Great Ameri-Belgian Beer. Delicious and Deep. Must Try.)

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