Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beer Review: Otter Creek Alpine Black IPA

Otter Creek Brewing Company Alpine Black India Pale Ale

The Black IPA is a newly developed style of beer that I believe the Brewers Association has now recognized as a legitimate style of beer. You have to love trying something new. The BIPA pours a dark mahogeny color similar to most stouts and has a caramel colored head. Noticeable hoppy aroma upfront.

This beer has two strong flavors going on. Chocolaty coffee and hops. Both are there upfront but the hops stand out more than anything as I would expect from this style. This is hard to judge right now because I find myself wanting more of the dark roasted barley flavor but this style has been designed to have the hops take a dominant front seat.

I am all for recognizing new styles of beer but I am not sure how unique or needed this style really is. Both porters and stouts can be hoppy but I guess this style serves to make sure you know what you are in for. It isn't overwhelmingly hoppy but the presence certainly is felt more than anything else. I am sure this isn't indicative of all BIPAs but I think this one is very one dimensional. A good IPA or Stout would be much better than this. Certainly drinkable but nothing I am going to go back for.

Final Score: 70% (One Dimensional and Underwhelming)

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