Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beer Review: Immort Ale

Dogfish Head Immort Ale

This is one big beer. I have heard arguments against Dogfish Head's extravagant big beer and I disagree. The price is expensive but you really do pay for what you get. This 11% ABV beer is rich and holds few equals in terms of flavor. This is beer luxury. The cap should have been made of red velvet. Aroma is strongly of vanilla and maple with a head lingering in a ring around the glass. Not too much lacing going on but you can also tell that the head is in no rush to go anywhere.

This big beer pours a dark brown with some faint light coming through. The vanilla and maple really come through on this one. I would prey to the food gods that I will have the experience of blending this with a normal pancake batter. Having maple and vanilla blending in just seems right. This is as close to a morning beer as I have encountered. But not your everyday morning. This is a wake up late, drink a great beer, have a steak, back to bed beer. They hold nothing back. The vanilla really shines. It is apparently aged in Oak but I can't tell. I am already having a hard enough time dealing with the complexity of the vanilla. Don't try to kill me Sam.

The bottom line is that this is a great beet. Is it worth thirteen dollars a four pack? I think so. The flavor and character are off the wall good. This is completely unique from any other beer I have had. Sure you might have to skip a meal to afford it... but you won't regret it. This is like Thanksgiving with more bacon and less vegetables.

Final Score: 95% (Fantastic Flavor and Character, Price is only Downside)

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