Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beer Review: Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer Ale

Flying Fish Brewing Company Farmhouse Summer Ale

I can't believe this is my first Flying Fish review. I like to buy local and they are located in the memorable town of Cherry Hill. The main thing I think of when I think of Cherry Hill is that the mall there offers very cheap sushi. A big plus in my book. This is also a very unique offering. You will find a ton of summer ales this time of year. Few that also happen to use Belgian malt and are bottle conditioned (aka carbonated naturally in the bottle using the yeast). The farmhouse brew pours a surprisingly clear golden color with a very solid head. Doesn't last for a ridiculous amount of time but I wouldn't really expect/desire this in a summer offering. Aroma of yeast, wheat, and cloves. Inviting.

The flavor is loaded with natural yeast flavor. I get a lot of clovey goodness upfront followed with a wheaty lemon flavor and some sweet barley malt. Not much in the hop department besides a lingering earthy aftertaste but it really isn't needed. I don't really see the farmhouse connection since this is noticeably different from a traditional Belgian Saison (farmhouse) ale. It may not be traditional but the depth of flavor renders any style questions negligible.

This is delicious. A very much above average summer ale for a very reasonable price ($7.99 a six pack). I recommend this to anyone who wants an easy drinking summer beer but wants some exceptional depth (who wouldn't want this?). This could easily become a summer staple for me. Don't miss out!

Final Score: 91% (Easy Drinking and Complex. A Belgian Creation. In Jersey.)

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