Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beer Review: Long Trail Ale

Long Trail Brewing Company Long Trail Ale

The flagship brew from the very Eco-friendly Long Trail Brewing Co. I really admire their efforts to go green and still release a very affordable product ($7.99 a six pack). The ale pours a rich amber color with a long lasting head. Lacing is in the picture. The rich aroma is loaded with malt, malt, and more malt.

The flavor is extremely pleasing. The altbier style, when done correctly, delivers all the complexity of an ale with the balanced refreshing taste of a lager. This does indeed deliver. Loads of amber malt with a quick sharp hop bite followed by a clean creamy yeast finish. This really delivers on the amber malt, not as rich as the spectacular double bag but will still get you with loads of malty sweetness.

This is one of the best altbiers I have ever had. This is defintely the kind of beer you could buy a whole case (or keg) of and never once regret the decision. I would still pick the double bag over this but it is a close call and on warmer days this might win out. Everyone should try this at least once.

Final Score: 91% (Altbier Done Right. Great Job!)

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well i like the picture on this caN. yuk yuk yuk ..