Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Beer Review: Samuel Adam's Winter Lager

Samuel Adam's Winter Lager

I finally got the opportunity this week to go out and pick up a six pack of the seasonal Winter Lager produced by the Boston Beer Company. It was the end of a long boring day that was in desperate need of a heavy winter beer. I was immediately attracted to the white/blue colors and having seen the commercials for it a couple times I decided I would give ole' Sam a shot. Did I ever say I had willpower? I was not and still am not at all disappointed. How often does a guy like me get to be part of the revolutionary war during the frigid winter season (still Fall but who is keeping track). On to the important stuff:

The beer pours a deep red amber color and has a quickly dissipating head with some lacing along the top of the glass. The smell is very faint of malt and cinnamon. The beer has a slightly full body to it which is perfect for a cold night and also has a very faint taste of cinnamon with some other spice I can't quite pick out. Overall, I find this beer to be very satisfying and is that rare combination where the beer could be drank in quantity but also having a beer or two is a delicacy. This lager actually treads the line of becoming a full winter Bock. I am definitely going to consider picking up more of this in the future (though I may have to abstain to get some more reviews going).

Final Score: 83% (Money Well Spent)

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