Friday, December 14, 2007

Beer Review: Lancaster Strawberry Wheat Beer

Lancaster Strawberry Wheat Beer

I just picked up a 12 pack of the Lancaster Brewing Company's Variety Pack. I had been hesitant in the past due to the expensive price but as a reviewer I decided that this needed to be encountered. There were two thing that immediately frightened me, the low alcohol percentage (4.7%) and the description (Wheat Beer with Strawberry Flavor Added). As a brewing company that prides itself on naturally brewed beer with no preservatives this was a red flag. I really don't care if strawberry flavor isn't a preservative, I don't want fucking syrup in my beer. If you have some overwhelming craving for a fruit flavor, you should try brewing the beer with actual strawberry in it. Lancaster, don't play with my emotions.

This beer pours a nice golden color and has a moderate head. Thats where the good things end because when it really comes down to it the flavor sucks. I will give them credit for living up to my low expectations but I just don't know how to enjoy this beer. I feel like someone mixed a Budweiser with some strawberry soda. It just mainly tastes like soda, I really don't get much beer at all. If you like fruity drinks and really don't like beer, give this a shot. I do have to say that if you don't like beer I don't know why you would even be looking in the direction of this disaster. Try anything else but this. Get some soda if you want fake strawberries.

Final Score: 50% (One of the worst beers ever...)

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