Saturday, December 8, 2007

Beer Review: Saranac Imperial Stout

Saranac Imperial Stout

I finally managed to find this gem after a solid month of searching. I was about ready to give up when I finally found a grand liquor super store that had this and the always great Saranac Oktoberfest lager. I was more than joyous when realizing that it was also cheap. 6.99 for a six-pack of the Imperial Stout and 5.99 for the Oktoberfest. More than a bargain. I love the Saranac line. This beer is the second in their "High Peaks" line of beers which was created to produce a higher quality beer than they would typically produce. This one also has a 9% ABV so always show some respect.

Pouring this out of the bottle into my glass was a religious experience. I have never seen such darkness spew out of a glass container. I felt like I held a rift in time and space and now my glass was about to become an anomaly. This beer rocks. The head doesn't last long but I have never been bombarded with so many flavors at once. This is the Thanksgiving of beers. Like all good stouts this beer has a strong coffee flavor with some chocolate hintings. What I have yet to encounter in other stouts is the amazing complexity I have now found in this beer. It really is like fireworks in my mouth. Light can not escape this beer and neither should you.

Final Score: 90% (If you see it... TRY IT!)

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