Monday, April 21, 2008

Beer Review: Flying Dog Road Dog

Flying Dog Road Dog Porter

I love a good porter. In my opinion its an underbrewed style, I usually prefer it to its relative the stout. Porters seem to me to be deeper and richer with more of a powerhouse behind them. Pours a deep dark brown with very trace amounts of light coming thorough if held up to the sun. The head is persistent and a cream off white color. Aroma is of roasted malt, not too strong but it is there.

Lots of roasting is the way to describe this taste. Someone left this loaf in the oven for a while and it came out very rich and flavorful. Chocolate malt is dominant with some faint hop character present. What I love about this kind of flavor is that its good any time of the day. It can substitute for coffee or for the after dinner dessert. Don't know that I would really want to trade this in for coffee though as the consequences could be severe. Works from a taste perspective though.

This is a robust porter. I don't know what the alcohol by volume is on this but it certainly packs a punch. This isn't the kind of beer that you want to drink rapidly or in extremely large amounts. Very filling and satisfying. I now have a nice warm feeling and will leave you with the final score.

Final Score: 90% (Deep complex roasted flavor that packs a punch)

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