Friday, April 11, 2008

Beer Review: Southampton Double White Ale

Southampton Double White Ale

I would first like to say that this ale was one that I didn't think I would enjoy. I really don't like the white ales very much and a double white ale sounded like it would be twice as bad. The most startling thing about this beer is the sediment that comes out toward the end of the bottle. I don't mind the yeast (in fact its good for you) but this probably scared people who might have figured it went bad. Pours a cloudy yellow color with a moderate head. No real lacing going on. Smell is strongly of spice which I would expect from a heavily spiced ale. Coriander really comes through.

The flavor is surprisingly not bad. I think the double gravity actually helps this beer a lot. Rather than being over spiced it is nicely spiced. Enough to taste but not burning potpourri. I would actually get these now and then if the mood struck me. It doesn't mention the alcohol percentage on the bottle but with the double gravity its got to be higher. This is also a good thing. If I had to summarize this brew I would call it the Man's white ale. Strong and still true to the style. I am impressed with Southampton and will try to sample more of their offerings in the future.

Final Score: 85% (Double = Better)

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