Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beer Review: Brooklyn Pennant Ale '55

Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Pennant Ale '55

Time for another semi-local brew. I love this brewery and I will continue to support them. Especially after reading their book "Beer School". Very good read for all beer enthusiasts. Just make sure you have some Brooklyn brew handy because you will be craving it. The Pennant ale pours a slightly dark golden color with a decent head that sticks around for a few minutes. Not much going on in the lacing department. Aroma is nice with a very malty character.

The flavor is very surprising. The malt really wows me. It has a unique quality that I can't put my finger on. Its a very lightly toasted flavor. A little sweet and really add some depth. The hopping is also well done, providing a great balance to the rich malt goodness. I could use some more hops but that might through off the balance. It's tough to say.

This is very drinkable. Maybe even more drinkable than the classic Brooklyn lager. I wasn't anywhere near born by 1955 so it seems weird to be drinking a beer that celebrates the Brooklyn Dodgers victory then. In the end it doesn't really matter. This is a great beer that I will be sure to get again in the future. This quality of malt is very hard to come by. You owe it to yourself to try this at least once.

Final Score: 88% (High Quality and Very Drinkable Ale. Go Dodgers!)

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