Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beer Review: Ramstein Blonde Wheat

High Point Wheat Beer Company Blonde Wheat Ale

Always love a good blonde hefeweizen. Especially a locally produced Jersey hefe. The bottle conditioning (carbonating in the bottle) is also a nice touch. Few breweries still do this. It generally doesn't make a huge difference but it is the kind of extra step that can put a brew over the top. The blonde pours a very cloudy light golden (blonde) color with an average head. Lots of clove going on in this aroma. I am not a hardcore clove fan but it is something that varies between breweries.

Flavor is pretty good. The freshness and rich clove flavor is really nice. I would certainly enjoy drinking a few of these on the beach. If I ever went to the beach. The sun always has to stick its over-heated omnipresent head into my business. The clove flavor definitely has a bit more freshness than you might get from your average blonde wheat. I really miss the banana flavors also produced by good German hefe yeast. The clove flavor is just too dominant.

This is an above average wheat beer that will satisfy most hefeweizen cravings. If they fermented at a slightly colder temp the flavor would be much more refreshing. Less clove and more banana. I feel like a broken record. If you live in Jersey and it's not winter (or if you are in the mood) you won't go wrong with this. I still prefer the Climax Hefeweizen over this. This is a good second though, even more so if you don't want to deal with the growler size.

Final Score: 83% (Fresh and Flavorful but Could be Better!)

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Rei said...

I hope you're going to christians get together in march. i was thinking maybe we should go to harvest moon on friday after work, its in new brunswick. their pale ale is to die for! check it out...