Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beer Review: Sam Adams Scotch Ale

Boston Beer Company Samuel Adams Scotch Ale

Since Scotch happens to be my favorite liquor and beer rocks my world this is a no brainer. Though I do lose the rewarding heavy buzz of sipping a neat glass. The beer pours a very pretty dark red color with crazy lacing around the glass. I can already taste the smoke in the aroma. Very exciting job this beer reviewing is. If only I can figure out a way to make real money (or get free beer sent to me). I will certainly work for beer. I think I already might.

This flavor is unmistakable scotch. I am always skeptical about this style because I never think it can really capture that smokey peat goodness but it usually comes through. This malt is expertly done. This is my flavorite scotch ale so far. You get the full smokey flavor combined with the sweet richness of biscuity malt. The hops aren't really noticable but if they were I think this brew would be very painful on the palette. Like gin. I really hate gin.

If you like scotch and beer you will love this. Sam's scotch ale is a fantastic winter beer. The malty flavor is complex and provides all the right things. You won't miss the hops. I wish they would offer this in six packs. I would certainly pick up a few. If they ever start a gin ale I am boycotting.

Final Score: 89% (Warming, Malty, and Complex. What More Do You Want?)

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Christian said...

I agree, I had this beer a few weeks ago and I loved it! I am such a whore for anything Sam Adams though...