Monday, January 26, 2009

Beer Review: Samuel Adams White Ale

Boston Beer Company Samuel Adams White Ale

Seems ironic that I am reviewing the white ale a day after the black lager. This is a traditional unfiltered Belgian Wit style beer brewed with coriander and other spices for a unique taste. These are very hit or miss with me. I find them to be refreshing and occasionally I am in the mood for them but usually I will go for something else. Pours a cloudy pale golden color with a strong head that leaves some lacing around the glass. Aroma is definitely spiced, I get mainly coriander with some orange going on. Very inviting. Especially after the gym.

Flavor is exactly what I expected. Loads of spice flavor with a light malt flavor. Even tastes a little like corn though I am sure they only use barley in this one. I can't taste any hops as expected. One time I would like to brew a beer like this with a strong hop presence. Probably wouldn't be good but that's the game of experimentation. On a hot spring or summer day this will hit the spot but there is almost no reason for them to release this in January.

This is a very standard Wit beer. This will probably not wow you if you have had this style of beer a couple of times before. It's still a good representation but it doesn't stand out in any way. I view this beer as a benchmark for all other Wit beers. This hits all the style points but just doesn't leave you with a lasting impression. I won't seek this out again.

Final Score: 74% (Very Mediocre. Refreshing but Boring.)

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