Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beer Review: Arcadia IPA

Arcadia Brewing Company India Pale Ale

Its rare for me to find anything from Arcadia around Jersey so I was pleased to be able to pick this up. Seems like IPAs are quickly becoming the most prevalent craft beer style produced in the country. Would be interesting to see production volumes for different styles. This IPA pours a hazy dark copper color with an average head. Some lacing around the top. Aroma is very minimal. Some hops and a little bit of malt but not too much.

Flavor is very odd for an IPA. The malt has an odd sour flavor which doesn't do a very good job of balancing this hoppy brew. The hops are there in force but it really isn't very aromatic or flavorful. More bitter than anything else. Sour and bitter really don't work well together. Tasting this doesn't make me want another.

I don't know if much of the freshness was lost in the journey from Michigan but this is really underwhelming. Definitely one of my least favorite IPAs. I would like to try it on tap somewhere to see if it's just this batch. I will try more of their releases if I can find them but this is really not impressive. I would avoid this.

Final Score: 65% (Poor Malt Flavor. Only Bittering Hops. Not Much To Love.)


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you came across a bottle that was past its prime. We pride ourselves on the freshness and quality of all of our ales. That being said, if you could contact me at the email address below, we can look into this further. I'd like to know what the letter/number code is on the side of the bottle, and where you purchased it. We will gladly get you some fresh stuff to replace it asap. Looking forward to hearing from you.
-Jon Piepenbrok, Arcadia Ales

Ryan said...

I just moved from the metro Detroit area about 6 months ago and I would absolutely kill for an Arcadia IPA on tap at the Shamrock Pub in Utica. It is by far my favorite beer, but have found it is so much better on tap.