Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beer Review: Long Trail Double Bag

Long Trail Brewing Company Double Bag Ale

About time I got around to reviewing some Long Trail products. They generally provide solid quality craft brews at very affordable prices (my favorite qualities). This is a very unique brew that comes highly recommended to me. I don't know what category or "style" to force this beer into but then again it really doesn't need to be compartmentalized and can be its own style. The double bag pours a clean amber color with a very solid bone white head. Some definite lacing around the glass. Aroma is pure, rich, and deep maltiness.

The flavor is very surprising. As advertised, you will not notice the robust alcohol level of 7.2%. The malt flavor really shines. I don't know how they accomplished this miracle of science but I imagine that a large amount of crystal malt was involved. The depth of the malt flavor in this brew is awesome. Malty sweet and slightly roasted flavors really raise the bar for strong ales. The hops are also here in force. Very robust citrus hop flavors come through to balance out the sweet malt flavors. Somewhat similar to a bigger Oktoberfest beer.

The "INDULGE IN MODERATION" warning on the label is actually a good idea. This is much more drinkable than you might expect for the ABV level and I could definitely see how someone could but these down really quickly and get into trouble. This is a delicious brew and one worthy of your drinking. If you want a fresh brew that has flavor to spare this is a great find. This is not going to last very long in my fridge. In fact, I think I may want another...

Final Score: 92% (Dangerously Drinkable. The Double Bag Abides.)

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