Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beer Review: Magic Hat H I.P.A.

Magic Hat Brewing Company "H" India Pale Ale

All brewing companies should release two different IPAs like Magic Hat. A hoppier version (the H) and a more malty version the year round IPA. I love a good seasonal release. The HIPA pours a hazy copper color with a ridiculously robust head. Loads of lacing all over the glass. Full citrusy aromas from even a weak sniff. This has all the right appearance characterisitics. Lets get down to the soul.

Hoppy flavors burst from this beer. This is a very rare kind of IPA. This has loads of hop flavor and aromas while not being overly bitter or undrinkable. Surprisingly thirst quenching. I think I could drink this all night (or day) and not burn out any essential tasting abilities. Very light on malt flavors but because this is drinkable I don't really mind as much as I might in other IPAs.

Definitely one of the best IPAs around. I would pick up some of this before summer rolls around. This was a great surprise and a solid example of a very hoppy beer that is extremely drinkable. A little more malt character would have taken this beer to the next level but I really don't know if you can add even a small amount of malt while still maintaining the crazy hop flavors showcased here. Get this!

Final Score: 90% (Wonderful IPA. Beats Most Hands Down.)

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