Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beer Review: Saranac Black Diamond Bock

Saranac Black Diamond Bock Dark Lager

This is a great looking beer. I really love any beer that has a bear with skis on it. You really can't beat that. This definitely wins my award for best bottle label. I have seen some artsy ones but I just don't know of anything that can compare to this. Genius. This is a dark beer with a rich thick head. Very creamy and full of warmth. Great for winter.

I really enjoy bock beers. They are practically the opposite of an IPA with a rich malty flavor and a small amount of hops. I just wish I was able to get these year round. I hate that the spring beers are coming out already. It's January! At least give us till mid February! Back to the beer...

This is a rich beer. Strong malt flavor with a smooth finish. It gets a little bitter towards the end but its really pleasant. This is a great example of a bock beer that I would encourage anyone to try. This will satisfy your palette and keep you warm on those long winter nights. This is one that I will buy every year. It's priced great and full of goodness.

Final Score: 75% (Rich and Malty with Bears!)

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