Thursday, February 7, 2008

Beer Review: Brooklyn Brewery East India Pale Ale

Brooklyn Brewery East India Pale Ale

I am definitely becoming a solid fan of the Brooklyn Brewery. They offer a very large range of brews. So far all of them with excellent quality. I haven't written a review for it yet but the Black Chocolate Stout was extremely good. They use high quality ingredients and are able to really add a kick to the normal beer experience. This brew decants a pale amber color with a solid head (see the picture). Aroma is strongly of citrus hops. Very exciting. Makes my mouth water. Lots of lacing, some extremely viscous head action.

I never really realized how much of a hop head I am but I am beginning to comprehend this truth. I love strong flavors. Hops offer up flavor and complexity. I was excited to try this as it is supposedly brewed in a similar style to the historical IPAs that were shipped to India rather than the American IPAs.

The flavor is really good. It has a thick mouthfeel offering up enough carbonation to fly around the world. Much heavier than I expected. I like this. I like extremes. The hop flavor is definitely there. Not overwhelmingly so but it is there. Really a large citrus hop presence. I don't know that I would say its a huge departure from any other American IPA I've had but it is more balanced. Its less focused on overpowering with hops and more focused on balancing out the malt. It really succeeds. This is a very good IPA and one at a reasonable price. Give this one a whirl if you want hops without as much bite.

Final Score: 79% (Very Good, A Somewhat Smoother IPA)

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