Friday, February 29, 2008

Beer Review: Samuel Adams Longshot: Grape Pale Ale

Samuel Adams LongShot 2007 Part 1 - Grape Pale Ale

The first of my two part LongShot 2007 review series. This is a great idea. I love that Samuel Adams gives home brewers the ability to get their best brews all over the nation. This one is from Lili Hess of Hawaii. She happens to be a Samuel Adams employee too. Luckily this beer dispels any ideas of favoritism. This is a great beer. I had no idea what to expect when you mix grape and pale ale but I was pleasantly surprised.

This brew pours a dark copper color and has a modest head. No lacing present in my glass. This is almost similar to a Marzen beer. Has a nice muted aroma that comes in with a punch once you get a taste. It's very hard to describe the unique flavor. I can tell what the grapes and maple syrup contributed but I would never say this beer tastes like grapes or maple syrup.
Its kinda like a crisp marzen beer.

I would sum this beer up by saying that its a truly unique beer. A solid ale with a crisp rich flavor. It's like the beer does your tongue's work for you. Everything is immediately there, no digging required. Great job Lili!

Final Score: 82% (Effective and Unique, a Solid Brew)

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