Saturday, March 1, 2008

Beer Review: Flying Dog DOGtoberfest

Flying Dog Dogtoberfest

This is a cool beer. I love the art. Two obese drunk German guys yelling at each other while a possessed dog does... well I am not sure what the dog is doing. It is cool though. This is a seasonal offering from the Flying Dog Brewery and since the Oktoberfest style of beer happens to be my favorite I had to pick this one up. I consider myself fortunate to have been able to find this in March. I hope my luck finding this style of beer continues until next years batch arrives. Anyway...

This beer pours the classic dark copper color of the Oktoberfest beers with very little aroma or lacing. The flavor possesses that malty richness I love in the style. This is the kind of beer you could happily enjoy in large quantities. This is really a victory for American brewers. Between this and Saranac, American craft brewers are showing a large amount of talent. The flavor is just really rich. It tingles your tongue and leaves your pallet satisfied.

Definitely a fall/winter beer designed to keep you warm. The only downside to this brew is that the flavor is not extremely complex. Which isn't a terrible thing necessarily. This is a Marzen beer. Maybe not the best example but one that is worthy of praise. Definitely one that I will pick up again in the future. I recommend this to any fan of German beer or of large German men.

Final Score: 80% (A Good Offering, Doesn't Standout Enough Though)

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