Friday, March 14, 2008

Beer Review: Saranac Mountain Ale

Saranac Mountain Ale

This was quite the find for me. I have no idea how it went so long without being purchased. I found this in a liquor store in south jersey in a torn up box of 12 Beers of Summer. In the winter, over a year after it was not sold anymore. I may now be drinking one of the last mountain ales in existence. This was one I was happy to find. The ale is fermented with blueberry honey, blackberries, raspberries. Should be a great combo.

Pours a amber color with a small head an no noticeable lacing. The blueberry honey is most present up front. The sweetness that the berries provide really compliments the ale well. Very much a rich ale that is good all year. I love the warmth of the honey. It also provides a nice texture.

I am sad that this may be the last one I have for a long time, possibly forever. Though the replacement, the pomegranate wheat is also a great beer. This was more complex where the pomegranate wheat was more refreshing. While this isn't the best beer ever made, it is a solid beer. I really like the flavor and its a nice change from a standard hoppy beer.

Final Score: 82% (A Complex, Flavorful Beer)

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