Monday, March 10, 2008

Beer Review: Samual Adams Longshot: Weizenbock

Samual Adams Longshot 2007 Part 2 - Weizenbock

The second beer in the 2007 Longshot collection by Samuel Adams. This special brew pours a dark cloudy brown with a solid head. Lacing is also present in large amounts with a sweet malty aroma. Very pleasant all around. Some definite spiciness diffusing around my nose.

This is a great beer. Rodney Kibzey from Illinois has done a great job. This is about as flavorful and refreshing as a beer can be. This beer surprises you with its deep fruity spice then follows up with a large amount of malt. A great winter or fall beer. I really hope this comes around again.

If you at all like wheat beers or bocks you really need to try this. Truly a unique beer. I don't know how many weizenbocks are out there but I will seek them out. This beer constantly keeps me entertained while warming my brain. What else can you ask for?

Final Score: 91% (An Excellent Beer, Bring Me More!)

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