Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beer Review: Legacy Midnight Wit

Legacy Brewing Co. Midnight Wit

The tagline for this brew is "We Brew Pure Pleasure". If by pure pleasure they mean stale age, I agree. This is the pure pleasure found in a cat lady house. I don't want to judge the brewery solely on this beer but this really sucks. I don't know whether they over spiced this or if this is just extremely stale (bottled in January so shouldn't be too bad). I suspect over spiced. This brew pours a cloudy yellow color with a modest head. Aroma is of beef.

The flavor is also meaty. Old meat. This just doesn't taste right. I get some lactic acid in this one. I really hope this is just a bad batch and not what they normally sell. I can't see anyone liking this. I am struggling though this just by some chance that I get some redeeming quality out of it. None yet. There really aren't any positives that I can come up with. Maybe the appearance is what it should look like. That's the only good thing I can say about this.

Final Score: 20% (I can hardly imagine anything worse...)

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