Saturday, February 2, 2008

Beer Review: Magic Hat Fat Angel

Magic Hat Fat Angel Ale

This is my first review of one of the Magic Hat beers. I have long seen them but haven't really had many before and decided that today was a good day to give it a shot. It definitely is interesting that they seem to avoid pigeonholing their beers into categories by calling them unique names like Number 9 or Cirus Boy. I wanted to see if there was any depth to this marketing glaze.

This pours a coppery color with a average sized head. Very malty aroma present. I went into this beer describes as a "paler shade of ale" with expectations of a rich hoppy goodness. I was disappointed. I am left with a very unique flavor that I would call "smoke house". I feel like I am drinking beer with BBQ sauce mixed in. This isn't as horrible as I would have thought but it really isn't great. I would not get this again. There are some malty flavors present but it all comes together in a very strange way. I will say though that their beer is as unique as the name.

Final Score: 59% (Not Divine)

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