Friday, December 5, 2008

Beer Review: Brooklyn Black Chocolate

Brooklyn Brewing Company Black Chocolate Stout Ale

Finally sat down to review this gem. This is my favorite Brooklyn release so far and one I almost always go for when I see it. Also happens to be their biggest beer (even bigger than the Monster Ale). This is from the Winter 08-09 vintage. Pours as dark as they come with a small controlled head. Lacing is not stopped by the high 10% ABV. This is a true imperial stout. No bullshit going on here. This has the balls to compete with the big boys of winter. Aroma is of chocolate and alcohol. A winning combo if there ever was one.

Flavor is extremely rich for even an imperial stout. This is a sipping beer. Even if it comes in the standard six-pack. Beer pong with some black chocolate equals trouble. The alcohol is very noticeable. Has a cooling effect on the tongue as it evaporates. Very pleasant. The chocolate malt is extremely rich as well. Not as much coffee or caramel flavors. Just deep dark chocolate. There are some bittering hops here but you really won't notice or pay too much attention. Hop heads seek elsewhere.

Overall, this is a great imperial stout. One of the best. The price certainly can't be beat at under 10 dollars for a six pack. This is a winter classic and one I wish I got a case of. A beer like this could age well. If you see this pick it up and try it. This is a beer that will warm and satisfy your taste. Those of the faint palate need not apply.

Final Score: 95% (Big Beer. Big Taste. Affordable Price.)

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