Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beer Review: Brooklyn Winter Ale

The Brooklyn Brewery Winter Ale

This is one that seems to be rare around the Jersey City area. Plenty of the Black Chocolate Stout but this is the first and only six pack I found of the Winter Ale. Pours a dark amber color with a strong head. No lacing that I can pick out. Aroma is extremely creamy. That's the best way I can describe it. Malty and creamy. Almost like beer-milk? Not as bad or outlandish as that probably sounds.

Flavor is great and malty. This is different from most winter seasonals in that there is a ton of lightly roasted malt flavor and they didn't fool around with spices. It's nice just to have a rich beer without cinnamon, wheat, or allspice. This is similar to a bock lager but with more of a punch. I like a spiced beer now and then but sometimes you just want a beer. I do find myself missing the hops though. I don't need this to be an IPA but I would like a bit more balance and fresh hop character. The bitterness is there but not much else.

This is also surprisingly drinkable for a winter ale. I have gotten half-way through this one and I wish I had another one lined up. If I ever get my dream of a kegerator this would be a serious consideration for a winter tap beer. If you are feeling the cold this will probably hit the spot. Just don't get this if you want hops. You will find the bare minimum here. That said, the malt flavor is second to very few.

Final Score: 86% (Drinkable, Better Malt Than Most But Lacks Hop Balance)

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