Monday, February 16, 2009

Beer Review: Saranac Brown Ale

F.X. Matt Brewing Company Saranac Brown Ale

Good old Saranac Brown. One of the core Saranac beers and one that I should have reviewed long ago. The brown pours a very dark redish copper color with a very solid head. Lacing all around the glass. Nice to know they didn't skimp on the hops. The aroma is creamy Saranac yeast and some great hop backbone.

This is a great brown ale. The malt complexity is glorious. They definitely used just the right amount of chocolate malt. You get the what tastes like four different kinds of malt, all with different roasting levels and it really unfolds throughout your mouth. The chocolate is a great finish. The hops take no back seat either. They hit you in the beginning with a fresh hoppy citrus flavor and go smoothly into a sharp bitterness that really complements the rich malty flavor.

This is an amazingly balanced and drinkable brew. It really hides the slightly higher 6% ABV level. You get an amazing malt complexity and a very solid hop profile. At a low price this really can't be beat. Certainly one of the best browns out there. I highly recommend this.

Final Score: 94% (Extremely Complex, Very Drinkable, and Cheap. Awesome.)

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