Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beer Review: Sam Adams Irish Red

Boston Beer Company Samuel Adams Irish Red Ale

Time for another Irish Red. Enjoying them while they are around. This used to be a style that I really didn't care for but I have definitely grown a taste for these. The malt flavors are generally very hard to compete with. This Red pours a deep copper/redish color with a sizable tan head. Aroma of toasted caramel malt and oven baked bread. Lets see how Boston's IRA stands up.

Flavor is nice. Immediately hits you with very sweet toasted malt flavors then follows up with a little spicy hop bitterness. Fairly balanced but I would like to see a little less sweet on the malt and a little more hop presence. It becomes too sweet after a few sips. This has flavor, just no drinkability to go along with it.

This brew hits all the style points and is certainly better than some IRA offerings but fails to wow me. My Irish Red of choice is still the Saranac version. This really isn't that much better than Anheuser-Busch's offering and you would safe a few bucks if you picked that up instead of this. Still, better than a Killian's or a Smithwick's.

Final Score: 76% (Tasty and Sweet. Needs More Balance.)

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