Monday, April 27, 2009

Beer Review: Saranac Pale Pale Ale

F.X. Matt Brewing Company Saranac Pale Pale Ale

Time for the most entertaining of brews. It’s hard to ignore the humor of the pale pale ale. A pale ale that is actually very pale? They must have hired some good writers in Utica. I like it. The pale pale (or pp, yes I am mature) pours as promised a pale golden color with a very sturdy head. Some slight lacing near the top of the head. Aroma of fresh straw and grass. Real farmy.

This beer is satisfying. I wasn’t sure what to expect but this really surprised me. There is plenty of hop flavor to go around. Certainly equal hop levels to what you might find in a standard pale ale. No cut corners here. The malt is also in force but with the golden pilsner flavor rather than the amber malt most pale ale drinkers may be expecting. This is very similar to a pilsner just with more hopping.

Overall, this is a great addition to the summer pack. I do slightly miss the toasted amber malt but this brew really delivers on its name. If you ever wanted a lighter malt to accompany your pale ale this will please. Very tasty and earthy but could use some more sweetness to counter the strong hoppy backbone. I like the concept of this brew but the malt levels really need to be upped.

Final Score: 81% (Light Color and Hoppy. Could Use More Malt.)

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