Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beer Reivew: Sixpoint Eight Days of Wheat

Sixpoint Craft Ales Eight Days of Wheat Ale

Picked up a growler of this from the Whole Foods on Bowery St. Great beer destination. They constantly rotate their tap selections and any place that offers growlers is way up there in my book of great stores. I almost always go for Sixpoint when available because they are local and they are very limited in the bottle department. You almost always need to either sample their offerings in the bar or bring them home in a growler. The eight days pours a very cloudy copper color with a very strong head. Very unique aroma going on that has loads of fruit, hops, and yeast.

The flavor is one of the most unique wheat flavors I have every experienced. Very fruity and has almost a tropical flavor to it. Hard to describe but this is great for warm weather. Has coconut and pineapple flavors swirling around. I would love to get my hands on this yeast. The wheat flavors are definitely there too. You won't get a typical hefeweizen flavor but you will get something different and in my opinion better. The wheat provides a very rich bready flavor that is malty but not overly sweet. Hops are there in force but do not overpower anything.

Balance is just right. This beer has everything going for it and is a great beer to show something new to someone who thinks they have seen just about everything wheat beers have to offer. You get hops, malt, wheat, and yeast. All in balance and done with expert proficiency. The only flaw I can find is the difficulty I may have finding this in the future.

Final Score: 96% (My Favorite Wheat Beer. Balanced, Complex, Unique, and Drinkable!)

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