Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beer Review: Beck's Light

Brauerei Beck & Co. Beck's Premier Light Lager

I picked this up primarily due to curiosity. At 64 calories per beer I wanted to know where they put the alcohol. I wish I had done my research. They simply left out the alcohol at 2.3% ABV. If they doubled the malt and starting gravity you would be left at 4.6% ABV and 128 calories. Higher than most light beers and equivalent in alcohol as well. No marvel of science here. Faint skunky aroma with a usual head.

Flavor is light skunky water. No malt character at all. There really isn't much to describe here. As bland and light as beer comes. I've had NA beers with much more flavor. Not much to describe here. There is absolutely no excuse for this. The marking people must have loved the idea of selling half the product for full price. Just water down your beer if you want this. Don't ever waste your time with this crap.

Final Score: 40% (Horrible, I will Add My Own Water Next Time)

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