Friday, September 12, 2008

Beer Review: Climax Nut Brown

Climax Brewing Company Nut Brown Ale

Ah yes. Time for another Climax review. I do eventually want to get all of their offerings reviewed. If only I can find that damn Oktoberfest beer. I want to try that so fucking bad. This is a unique offering from Climax. This is one of the few Climax core beers that has the malt as the lead role with hops supporting. Traditionally brewed with both roasted and pale malts this should be a hybrid to remember. Pours a very deep dark red (mahogany?) that barely allows any light through. You can see tiny bits of lighter red coming through on the edges of the fluid. Aroma is very bitter. I get lots of roasted malts and some definite citrus hops. Head is again non-exisitant, which isn't a huge problem. I will trade the head for Climax quality any day.

Flavor is extremely complex. The combo of pale and roasted malts means you are getting a little bit of both extremes. I really taste a lot of chocolate with some coffee thrown in. I don't really taste any caramel though. The roasted malt really dominates the pale malt. I think the pale malt's main goal is to reduce the stout like qualities of the beer so that it is more favorable to some quality hopping. The hops do indeed stand out. I will never accuse Climax of going light on hops. The citrus and floral hop flavors are huge. Citrus is the main hop flavor with the effect of squeezed lemon present in the beer. I am not sure what kind of hops were used but I want them. Lots of them.

This beer is definitely a unique offering in the nut brown category. Most nut browns I have had rely solely on the roasted malt with the hops taking a huge backseat. This is not the case here. If you like stouts and pale ales this is definitely a beer to try. You could say this is the best of both worlds. I think most beer drinkers will truly enjoy this beer. Unless you are one of those "don't mix my peas and carrots" types. If so, I imagine that you have many other greater problems in life.

Final Score: 93% (Great Stout and Great Pale Ale. Together.)

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