Monday, September 22, 2008

Beer Review: Brooklyn Local 1

Brooklyn Brewery Local 1 Ale

I went on a tour of the Brooklyn Brewery this Sunday and was very impressed. While the Brooklyn location doesn't do any of the bottling they are responsible for all of the draft beer you may have had. They offer some great rotating selections for 4 dollars per beer (not sure of the exact serving size). In true Williamsburg fashion the place was loaded with hipsters. Good people for sure. When it was time to leave I had to pick up a bottle of the Local 1. Hyped as a Belgian style ale with loads of malt I was very intrigued. Suffice to say Garrett Oliver has created a classic here.

This is one of only a few bottle fermented ales made in the United States. The yeast left behind and the fresh flavor are great results of this process. This really packs a punch. I am euphoric already and I am not even through a full glass. Heavy duty malt action going on here. The Belgian yeast really adds some spiciness. Hopping is absolutely perfect, enough for bitterness and aroma but doesn't interfere with the yeast or malt qualities. Alcohol is very apparent in every sip, warming and evaporating on your tongue.

This beer is an example of using a lot of everything in just the right quantities. It is a bit pricey ($10 per bottle) but it comes in a large bottle with plenty of alcohol to keep things alive. I will certainly get this again. I would say its similar to Duvel but better and less expensive. This is simply the best Belgian ale I have ever had. I just wish I could buy a whole keg of this. That would be some fucking party.

Final Score: 97% (Absolutely Awesome)

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