Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beer Review: Hoffmann Oktoberfest

Climax Brewing Company Hoffmann Oktoberfest Lager

Time for another Climax Seasonal. Can't get enough of these. Also had a tour with Dave Hoffmann of Climax today. Great stuff. That man really knows his beer. I could probably pick his brain for hours. Pours the beautiful mahogany color of the style with a head that is definitely tinted caramel. Aroma is pure Germany. The hops and malt hit you immediately with that brewery fresh smell that is usually lacking in so many commercial beers. Looks like the perfect Oktoberfest, lets see if it holds up in flavor.

Flavor is dead on for the style. The caramel loving Munich malt hits you first followed by the fresh hop flavor. Not heavy on the bitterness at all. The malt is the star of this show. This tastes so authentically German that I am wishing I had some wurst and sauerkraut in my hands. The malt is very complex with the caramel and sweet roasted flavors unfolding over time.

I am extremely glad Hoffmann has been brewing lagers after only brewing ales for the first couple of years. He nails every style he attempts and it would be a shame if such a classic lager style didn't get the Climax treatment. If you like great German style beer you owe it to yourself to try this. According to Dave this is flying off the shelves (I believe it) so he is going to do three tanks next year. Very good news. More Oktoberfest is a great thing. It is always good when an Oktoberfest beer actually makes it to October.

Final Score: 96% (Oktoberfest at its Finest. Pure German Goodness.)

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