Monday, August 11, 2008

Beer Review: Bud Light

Beer Review: Bud Light Lager

I had a 16 oz. can of this hanging around and decided that I could use some more macro reviews. This is the classic American light beer, brewed with two-row malt and rice. I really have never been a fan of the addition of rice to beer, but for this style it makes some sense. This brew pours an extremely light yellow color with a solid head that lingers for a bit. Aroma is pretty standard with some malt notes coming through.

The flavor is about as light as beer comes. The rice really does reduce the flavor to little more than water. Some extremely faint malt comes though but it really isn't impressive. There aren't any hop flavors that I can detect besides the bitterness departed. This is a balanced beer but its so light that it doesn't really matter. I wish it was off balanced so that I could actually get some flavor. Some hops or more barley malt would definitely be appreciated. The additional hops wouldn't even add any calories.

Overall this is about as light as beer flavors get. The thing that annoys me is that Becks has been able to produce a light beer that has 64 calories which tastes like a beer while Budweiser can't do it with 110 calories! What is Becks doing differently? I would understand if it had an extremely low amount of calories. Even Guinness has 125 calories per 12 oz serving, just 15 more than Bud Light! I don't see any reason to drink this. Just doesn't stand out in any way.

Final Score: 45% (Light on Flavor and Not Light Enough on Calories)

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