Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beer Review: Dundee Pale Ale

High Falls Brewing Co. Dundee Pale Ale

This is another offering from the 12 beer Dundee variety pack. Whoever designed Pours a medium amber color with great head formation. The lacing is very, very good. It hangs around for a long time. Aroma is extremely hoppy. They did a great job with the hop addition.

The malt is very rich in this ale. I can almost chew on it, which to me is an unheard of quality in a pale ale. The hops are absolutely in the house. Loads of citrus and floral flavors come through. This in combination with the rich hop aromas make this a pale ale for all hop heads.

I don't know how High Falls manages to put such a large quantity of malt and hops into their beers while charging nearly half of what other brewers ask for. However they do it, they earned a fan here from this pale ale and the honey brown alone. If they manage to be consistent with this level of quality they will earn my respect as one of the best breweries around.

Final Score: 83% (A Great and Hoppy Pale Ale at Crappy Beer Price)

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