Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beer Review: Dundee Porter

High Falls Brewing Co. Dundee Porter Ale

Ah, the porter. I was very much looking forward to this as its the biggest beer Dundee offers. I wanted to see if they can deliver such a big style on such a small budget. As the bigger brother of the stout this should be very interesting. As much as I love big, extravagant, expensive beer; I really look forward to bigger styles of beer being offered at a low price. Everyone loves saving a buck, and if you don't have to sacrifice the quality its a great thing. Pours a rich, deep, and dark amber color. A ton of head and lacing on this one. This is dead one for the style by all appearances. Lets see if it delivers on the flavor.

Wow, lots of roasted malt in this liquid. Almost like a malt barbecue. If only I could get away with having a porter in the morning at work. I would be one happy man. The flavor is a large amount of coffee with a little bit of chocolate. I would say this is very standard for a porter. Almost exactly what you would expect.

Its hard to rate a beer like this. The price is so low that you could get almost twice as many Dundees as other brewery offerings. The quality is about average compared to other porters but you have to give it some bonus points for the low price. If you have never had a porter this is a good introduction.

Final Score: 84% (An Average Porter at a very Low Price)

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