Saturday, August 2, 2008

Beer Review: Saranac Kolsch

Saranac Kolsch Ale

This is another one of the great summer offerings by Saranac. A Kolsch ale is a rare find anytime of year. Its a style that very few breweries attempt for some reason. This has really grown on me. This German styled ale pours a medium golden color with a persistent head that lingers. The aroma is of sweet fruity malt goodness.

I don't get a ton of hop flavor form this. In fact, I get next to nothing hop related. The malt is where this beer shines. The fruity malt flavor really explodes in this beer. Light enough to drink in the heat but flavorful and rich enough to enjoy in the comfortable A/C. I would describe the flavor as a pilsner that has less focus on hops and more on malt.

I sincerely hope that more breweries will get the balls to attempt this 200 year old traditional brew. I think its extremely refreshing and a nice break from the mainstream German beers.
I don't know if I would buy this in a six pack but I will say that I enjoy it greatly in the 12 beers of summer variety packs. Keep them coming Matt Brewing Co.

Final Score: 82% (Great intro to the Kolsch style but microbreweries offer the defining examples)

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