Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beer Review: Budweiser

Anheuser-Busch Inc Budweiser Lager

This is the most classic and pervasive lager in America. Advertised as being brewed with the choicest hops, rice, and best barley malt I decided I needed to do a formal review of this King of Beers. Pours a very light yellow color, no amber here at all. Head starts out strong but quickly reduces to next to nothing. No lacing at all. Aroma is malty and sweet but overall there isn't much there.

Flavor is very light with some rice sweetness and maybe some hop bitterness. I really don't get any hop flavor , just some bitterness. The sweetness is almost pleasant but when you drink a beer you really want more. I crave complexity and depth. This beer doesn't leave you with either. Just a light beer flavor that you can drink for a while without filling up.

This beer seems to be the best example of a mass appeal brew. They even used rice in substitution of barley to get a more light and smooth flavor (also cheaper). From a business standpoint this beer makes sense. It is cheap, has mass appeal, and will get you drunk. I just don't really enjoy it. If I am going to have a beer, I want hops and all barley malt. You can throw some fruit or spices in there if you want but just don't skimp on the good qualities that make a great beer.

Final Score: 50% (Macro Production, Micro Flavor)

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