Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beer Review: Colt 45

Hurricane Brewing Company Colt 45 Malt Liquor

Ah, the classic. The only malt liquor good enough to get you laid. Billy Dee approved. Pours a piss yellow color with a sudsy head that sticks around for only a short couple of minutes. Aroma is that classic cereal/rice beer aroma classic to many macro lagers. You know it’s going to be cheap if it’s served in a clear glass bottle. This is the most surefire way of spoiling a beer while saving a couple bucks.

Flavor is much more robust than I expected. You can definitely taste the alcohol on this one. The malt flavor is present as a sweet corn flavor that isn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. A little bit of a metallic flavor going on here too. Overall, this has a lot more flavor than a Budweiser but it lacks any real hop flavor or bitterness to balance out the malt and alcohol. Very one sided.

Considering this is usually drunk just to get you trashed I think this is a great success. This is high on drinkability and alcohol. If they included some hops it could have been a decent beer. For a 40 oz malt liquor drink this is near the top of my list. For any other beer this just doesn’t cut it.

Final Score: 65% (Good for a Buzz, But Not Much Else)

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Best German Restaurant in Edmonton said...

I think my favorite moment in Empire Strikes Back is when Lando asks "Can I offer you a drink?" and pauses just long enough for me to add "Maybe a...Colt 45?"